At TRIBECCA SYSTEMS, we are a MWBE-certified bilingual (Spanish and English) data and management consulting firm focused on providing clients with analyses and metrics aggregation designed to improve and streamline operational practices, reporting and quality assurance utilizing existing database systems.

Since 2015, organizations have looked to us to identify areas of improvement and implement “Best Practice” solutions for organizational management, identify funding opportunities and engagement, assist in data and database management, design policy and procedure, implement new agency programs, produce community assessments, annual and funder-related reporting and implement quality assurance systems.

Our Mission

We help our clients make their existing data systems work for them.

Our goal is to create user-friendly and comprehensive data-driven reports that monitor the efficacy of the organization’s management practices and standards compliance with an end-goal of quality services rendered to their clients.

Meet the Team.

Rebecca Trivax

Senior Analyst & Consultant 

Rebecca has over a decade of experience in Data Analytics and Management. She started her career in program development at the contracting stage in a large organization in Michigan. After working closely with the Quality Assurance team, she quickly identified the importance of integration between operational practices and quality controls. From there she moved to an agency in New York City where she continued to lead the Quality Assurance work through implementation of quality controls factoring in the current organizational practices.

In 2015, Rebecca started TRIBECCA SYSTEMS – a consulting firm focused on implementation of best practices to support Quality Assurance in non-profit organizations. She has since become a leader and expert in the field of best practice solutions for Early Learning and Community Action Programs around the United States. Her focus areas are organizational management, engagement, database management, policy and procedure design, program implementation and monitoring /evaluation. She has centered her career in data utilization with the end-goal of creating a strong data culture throughout organizations, promoting usable data for monitoring and reporting. Rebecca has worked at the agency, state and federal level throughout the United States and its territories, working on data solutions for clients of all sizes.

Let us make your Data work for you!